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Gain Insights From
Every Interaction.

Unlock valuable insights with every customer interaction, empowering your business with actionable data and customer understanding.

Inbound call center

High quality outsourced customer call services

Dedicated Spaces

Dedicated workstations with sumptuous call center amenities

Fluent English

Trained and certified operators with excellent English fluency

Dispatch system knowledge

We work on Icabbi Auto-cab Cab-treasure Cordic Info-cab Ghost 360.

24/7 Shift covering

Serving your clients with devotion, responsive attention 24 hours a day

Qualified operation team

A competent team of professionals ensuring 100% functionality

Reception Services
Call Center Agents Private Hire
Technical Department
Taxi industry

What Service We Offer

Discover Our Diverse Services: Reception, Taxi Industry Support, Private Hire Agents, and Technical Department Solutions.

Why Choose Us

Call center in Pakistan

We’re leading all the way to success as one of the best and foremost Taxi/call center in Pakistan. Our prime objective is to bring forth ease to all our taxi company clients in Pakistan and UK by outsourcing their entire business.

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With 130+ qualified employees on board, we guarantee 100% customer-satisfaction. 

Planning & Briefing

Strategizing tailored solutions for seamless operations at Prime Voice Logix.


Implementing strategies with precision for efficient outcomes at Prime Voice Logix.


Assessing performance to continually enhance services and deliver excellence.

Data Protection

Our business is comprehensively fortified with robust data protection and cybersecurity measures, meticulously adhering to industry-leading practices and implementing stringent policies and procedures.

Needs Experience Call
Center Services?

Outsource your business today and let us take care of the cost and customers for you. We have expert taxi call center agents, skilled team leads, and employee-centric environment topped with perks and benefits